Oral Sedation

Do you have trouble sleeping the night before your dental appointment?  Have fear and anxiety prevented you from having needed dental work done?  Oral sedation may be the solution for you, providing a safe way to help you relax and relieve your fears of going to the dentist.

Oral sedation involves taking a pill one hour prior to your appointment, putting you into a relaxed state even before arriving at the dental office.  If you have trouble sleeping the night before dental appointments, you can take a pill before bed to give you a restful night's sleep.  Once you have arrived at the office, we may have you take another pill, depending on how relaxed you are.  We will monitor your vital signs both visually and electronically throughout your appointment.

One of two medications, Halcion (triazolam) or Ativan (lorazepam) will be used to sedate you.  Both are sedatives related to the drug Valium, but produce more profound sedation for a shorter period of time.  You will also have little to no recollection of your dental appointment. 

Dr. Kevin Fielding received his training and certification in oral and intravenous conscious sedation through a residency program in the United States Air Force, and civilian continuing education courses.  He is licensed through the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners to perform both oral and intravenous conscious sedation.  Dr. Kevin Fielding is also certified in both Basic Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.  In addition to the required Basic Life Support certification, our assistants have also received training to closely monitor you throughout your appointment.

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