We use a 3shape Trios intraoral scanner to create 3D stl files for Clear Correct orthodontic treatment, Kor Whitening trays, and for crowns when people are not able to tolerate traditional impression materials.


The MVP-7 is an Nd-Yag laser in the near infrared spectrum (1064 nm).  It can be used for a multitude of soft tissue procedures including the LANAP and LAPIP protocols for regenerating lost bone around teeth and dental implants.  



We use a Vatech Green cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner for 2D and 3D imaging.  It allows for accurate implant treatment planning, planning for bone grafting, evaluation of wisdom teeth, and detection of pathology with minimal radiation exposure.



For intraoral x-rays (with the film placed in your mouth), we use the Scan-X phosphor plate system.  This utilizes a thin, film-like phosphor plate in the mouth that captures an image when exposed to x-rays.  The plate is then scanned to our server so it can be viewed throughout the office.  This system requires significantly less radiation exposure compared to traditional film.



The phase contrast microscope is a powerful tool that is rarely used in dentistry.  It allows us, and you, to view samples of plaque from under your gums to see what types of bacteria are present.  Based on this diagnostic information, we are able to tailor specific, individualized recommendations for your care at our office, and at home.   



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